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We are a Facebook group of Lithuanians collecting, sorting and publishing information regarding the events in Ukraine.
Our active interest in what was happening in Ukraine began in late 2013 during the Euromaidan in Kiev. Since then we have acquired a valuable skill of picking out and discerning genuine pieces of information from not so valuable ones.

We come from different parts of the country and are not of the same age group, but events of the Euromaidan have captured our minds from the very beginning.

The liberation of Lithuania from the Soviet occupation a quarter of a century ago encourages us to become more than just bystanders to the devastation happening in Ukraine.

We do it in our spare time and because we see meaning in it and also because it is all happening only a few hundred kilometers away. This is too close to stay in comfort, that’s why news from Ukraine have become so crucial.

It is our belief that Lithuania and the rest of the world has the need for accurate and reliable information about Ukraine and we see it as our duty to supply it as best as we can.

Most of our materials are translated newsfeeds from Dmitry Tymchuk or articles from the media of Ukraine and Russia as well as some pieces written by us.

We started with a blog about Ukraine in Lithuanian but soon realised the potential for an Ukrainian – English blog for the rest of the World as well. Our “ULLL” Facebook page followed suit.

You are more than welcome to use and share our material as you wish – it is not overly protected. Obviously – a link to our blog would always be helpful.

2 thoughts on About Us

  1. Dear,

    I discovered your site by chance when Googling the name of the “PM” of the “People’s Republic of Donbas.” Thank you for your excellent work, that I was not familiar with.

    I myself am active regarding developments since early 2014, knowing the country very well since seventeen years.

    What in my view is urgently needed in Western Europea are some telling and simple examples of Russian propaganda. As you may know, there is still a lack of knowledge and belief in theWest that in the 21st century countries in Europe do actually practice this type of propaganda. Peoplehere think that those who stress the dangers of this propaganda and talk about it all the time are themselves exaggerating and too strongly criticising Russia. That is why it would be very good of having some very concrete recent examples taken from Russian TV or from the press, where developments are described in ways that are fully in opposition to the observable facts. If the original Russian texts can be compared with the real facts, this may help people here to become aware of the extent of the Russian propaganda. Unfortunately my knowledge of Russian is too limited. Perhaps you may be able to be of help here. The whole of Western Europe would benefit from it.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,



  2. Hi Guy anything about western media propaganda are you little “maidan”?

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