Lithuanians collected much more support for Ukrainian army than it was planned

Upon the call of Ukraine support group “Blue/Yellow” established by political activist and director Jonas Ohman and supported by many volunteers, Lithuanians were asked to donate about 2 tons of non-lethal support items for Ukrainian military forces. Such items included medicine, protective gear, warm clothing, various everyday items, sleeping bags, canned food, sweets, etc.

We accept this challenge!“, wrote employee of Vilnius University Redas L. on his Google+ profile, “During our lunch brake we jumped into the car and bought some sleeping bags for Ukrainian soldiers. You can join too!” Social networks were flashing with messages, stories and selfies of people’s experiences while collecting the support. Some sellers either donated or provided discounts for the goods. Even on the additional day for gathering of support, the collecting points were crammed with boxes and sacks, people were arriving on the last minute and asking for the extension of the collection time. 

As a result, instead of two tons, Lithuanians collected six. Two will be delivered to Ukraine by Lithuanian military mission by plane within a few days, others will be sent later.

The support will be transferred to Ukraine based Ukrainian army support groups. The process of collecting support is not over.

Photo: Organisers and volunteers are packing the support.





Lithuanian protesters burried Putin near the Russian embassy

rusijos_ambasada_2014-08-29-1Today, Lithuanians protested against Russian invasion into Ukraine and Vladimir Putin’s regime. Protest was organized by the group “Help for the Ukraine”, Liberal Party of Lithuania (Lietuvos Respublikos liberalų sąjūdis) and one of its leaders Remigijus Šimašius. There was symbolic burial of Vladimir Putin to show what can be done to save Europe from World War III.

In the last few days we saw fast escalation of armed conflict in Ukraine with massive invasion of Russia’s regular military forces. After substantial gains of Ukrainian military forces in crushing Russia inspired insurgency, terrorists controlled by Russia, received direct support of Russian army units and started a new offensive against Ukraine that resulted in massive losses in Ukrainian army and the National guard. Currently, the news report that Vladimir Putin advises Ukraine for talks on sovereignty of South-East Ukraine – so called Novorossya or Lugansk and Donetsk People republics. Therefore, a clear pattern of previous Russia’s wars that resulted in occupation of South Osetia and Abhazia (parts of Georgia) and instituting Russian puppet regimes there is evident.