Informational leaflet for Ukrainians in East Ukraine

Ukrainian soldiers are sprinkling informational leaflets from helicopters for citizens living in East Ukraine. Below are the text from one of these leaflets:

For the peaceful part of population in Kramatorsk and Slavyansk regarding the SURVIVAL in the territories where RUSSIAN TERRORISTS ARE ACTIVE

Peaceful citizens of Kramatorsk and Slavyansk, your home country has turned into a training area of Russian saboteurs testing their punitive actions, terrorist activity and preparing for provocations with huge civil casualties!

To protect yourselves and your relatives and to end the terror as quickly as possible please observe the following rules:

1. Under no circumstances approach demonstrations (even if they are small) that are taking place in front of the captured administrative buildings – your presence is helping the terrorists. You become a live shield and a hostage. The more casualties there are, the better it is for the Russian saboteurs, and surely this image will be broadcasted on the Russian mass media.

2. Do not listen to those who advocate federalization and separatism in the streets, who is urging to storm the government buildings – these are corrupt activists receiving 1000 Hrivnas per day.

3. If you see sportsmanlike youth, people with military outfit moving in or towards the captured buildings or people of any age and appearance bringing grocery bags to them – please inform about this the nearest member of police, army, anti-terrorist troops or SBU. If you don’t have such possibility please call the hotline number below.

4. Under no circumstances enlist in any formations of groups – Russian special services will be using your data against you for blackmail and trying to force you to participate in illegal actions and support of terrorists.

5. Avoid places of people gatherings – there are militants of Russian special forces among the demonstrators who must physically eliminate everybody who is trying to criticize the efforts of Russia. They will try to use you as live shield the same way as the Soviet occupants in the period of 1941-1945.

6. Restrain your relatives, acquaintances from supporting terrorists and participating in anti-Ukrainian protests – by doing this you will protect their lives and health. Terrorists consider all participants of the demonstrations as potential casualties, they also received orders to kill peaceful citizens trying to contact the government.


Hotline of SB of Ukraine 0-800-50-14-82

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