Lithuanian Parliament pass a resolution on the situation in Ukraine

April 24 Lithuanian Parliament has released a resolution, condemning any form of Russian aggression in Ukraine and stressing the importance of dialogue between the two parties. The resolution reads:

‘The Parliament <…>, following the internationally accepted law principles <…>, especially the principles of peaceful international conflict solutions, respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity of other countries, human rights and main principles of freedom, established in Charter of the United Nations <…> condemns any form of aggression, including armed invasion into the territory of another country, occupation and annexation of its territory, organization of armed gangs and the sending of them into the territory of another country, also the illegal granting of citizenship, creation of puppet organizations and systematic violations of human rights in the occupied territory.’

‘<..> (The Parliament) recognizes the territorial integrity of Ukraine, part of which, with accordance to the Section 10 of the Constitution of Ukraine, is the Autonomous Republic of Crimea; states, that the Referendum, organized in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea goes against the Constitution of Ukraine and that its results are illegal and worthless; regards the ongoing presence of Russian armed forces and armed groups, controlled by them, as an occupation of parts of Ukraine, which is a rough violation of general imperative international norms of law; notes, that organizing, sending and supporting armed gangs , occupying state buildings within Ukrainian territory <…> is a rough violation of non-interference principles towards internal affairs of other countries, and the Russian Federation requirements to change the state and constitutional order, the defense of so called ‘Russian speakers’ is an illegal interference into Ukrainian internal affairs; states that following the international law in case of such rough violations, countries must cooperate so that these violations are stopped in a legal manner.’

‘Both countries are encouraged to create a dialogue and withstand actions such as promotion of separatism and blackmail in Energy Sector, which could complicate the search of an internationally lawful, peaceful and eligible solution’.

‘European Union is encouraged to treat energetic independence from Russian Federation as one of the main strategic tasks of EU energetic safety policy’.

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