May 1, 2014 Lithuanian media round-up

On May 1st Andrius Kubilius, Leader of opposition of Lithuanian Parliament, participated in a solemn Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats Party Congress. He mentioned Ukrainian crisis in his congratulatory speech: ‘A terrorist war, which Putin started in Ukraine is a hopeless war of a dying colonial empire. It could be hard and tragic, but dying empire will lose it eventually. Ukraine is fighting a heroic battle today. The battle is not an easy one against Putin’s aggression and Great Russian chauvinism. But it is a war not only for Ukraine, it is a war for safe future of civilized world and civilized Europe, it is a war which opens eyes to civilized world and reveals what a barbaric aggression of Putin the world has to deal with. That’s why today we can say once more these simple words which all of us got to know so well during the past months: Slava Ukraine!’ (Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats Press Office,, unofficial translation)

On April 30, the Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) approved a two-year Stand-By Arrangement (SBA) for Ukraine. The country will get 17 billion dollars as emergency aid to prevent its economy’s collapse. (International Monetary Fund Press Office,,,

On June 9, 7 P.M. Ukrainian chamber choir “CANTEMUS” will perform in Kaunas Cathedral Basilica. Free entry. (Concert organizers info)

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