Events of May 2nd

Dmitry Tymchuk, translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Brothers and sisters,

Although it’s a holiday in Ukraine, here is a brief Summary for May 2, 2014– today was a very eventful day.

The bad news:

ODESSA. This lovely city and its wonderful people have become hostages of the maniacal games of pro-Russian scum. Their goal was clear–to divert the attention of security forces from the operation in Slavyansk at any cost. As a result, dozens of people are dead.

Law enforcement officers of Odessa showed their worst side. In one example, according to our data, a bus with ‘Colorado beetles’ [pro-Russian protesters who wear orange and black striped ribbons] was detained at the entrance to Odessa, and then handed over to local police. But by order of a very high police official, they were released immediately. The police commander is being investigated by competent authorities, but the very fact it happened is indicative.

But among the events in Odessa there is a bright moment. Residents of Odessa showed that their good nature and peacefulness have limits. Knuckle-draggers and pro-Russian extremists high on permissiveness were nevertheless repelled by citizens who love both their city and their country. And what a rebuff. Today’s démarche will be remembered by fans of lawlessness-under-a-foreign-flag for a long time.

Odessa–no wonder it’s a heroic city. Heroic people live here. True patriots.

The good news:

The operation in SLAVYANSK. Finally, determination and action. Not without its problems and difficulties, but action.

And it immediately became clear that to appease the terrorists one only needs to fight back and to show strength. It’s like in life, the biggest boor messes around until the first hit to his muzzle, God forgive me. After that, he quickly conducts an internal reassessment of values, corrects his moral scale, and then begins to quietly snuffle under the sofa.

Today is the day of big lessons for all of us, and first and foremost, for the Ukrainian authorities. If we want peace, we must defend ourselves. We cannot continue to love our country and put up with its rape.

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