You were warned

Arkadij Babchenko – Russian publicist, war reporter, writer and veteran of Chechnya war.

I can tell only this on Odessa events.

Armed people wishing massacre and dead bodies came covering themselves by the cops?
Armed people got massacre and dead bodies.
They thought this would be not their own dead bodies?
No. It would be their dead bodies as well.
For all Russian “patriots” now shouting about fascist and how “to level chochly under asphalt” – do you think that there would not be dead bodies of yours?
No. There would be dead bodies of yours. If it would start serious – it could not go without dead bodies of yours. Never ever. Believe me.
You thought it would be otherwise?
You thought that it is enough to spit hysterically on monitor and zhydobanderovcy will level themselves and annihilate? You thought that it is possible to kidnap, kill, beat, throw grenade on blocking post, and they just will turn another cheek?
No. They will fight.
If you will start killing people – they will kill in response.
Who may ever consider that, right?
“No one will throw flowers under the tracks. There will be total partisan war” – you were warned?
You were warned, right?
You are going to reap just what you sow.
It can’t be the other way.
It will be that way.