In Donetsk region, terrorists began hunting civil activists, 2014.05.11 23:04: luhansko_buduliai

Inner sources of informed that in Donetsk and Luhansk regions, lists of politically active people have been made. The purpose is to allow spying their activities and their contacts, and to make their physical destruction possible.

The informant claims that orders to make the lists were received from Russia. The goal is to localize the community leaders with pro-European and pro-Ukrainian opinions. In particular, of great interest are human rights activists, participants of Kyiv’s Euromaidan from Donetsk and Luhansk regions, activists and participants of protests “For United Ukraine” and Eurointegration.

Saboteur groups were given the following targets:

  • participants of Kyiv’s Euromaidan,
  • organizers of pro-Ukrainian protests,
  • mayors, deputies, heads of regional administration, who do not support the Donetsk People’s Republic,
  • leaders of pro-European political parties and organizations, human rights activists.

The only way to stay safe is by changing residence and job, cancelling social network activities.

It is also forbidden to communicate by phone. Instead, do it over Viber or Skype, because according to checked information, some of the mobile operators provide information to Russian special services.

Sadly, this information is supported by facts. Dozens of activists were kidnapped, tortured or killed.


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