A second stage of mobilization is announced in Ukraine

Source: Inforesist.org

This is reported by the press office of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

The ministry recalled that in accordance with the decree of the acting President of Ukraine of the 17th of March “About partial mobilization in Ukraine”, there was a partial mobilization in the country from 18th of March till 2nd of May.

A second stage of mobilization has begun according to a different decree of 6th of May, according to which a partial mobilization will be continued for the next 45 days in the regions of Ukraine.

“During a partial mobilization by the local authorities a military commissariat will be issuing calls for military service and equipment of national economy to resupply the military units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and other military units of Ukraine in accordance to a war time,” – says the statement.

After military service calls reservists are assigned the status of a military and they are serving over a certain period: a month, year or five years, until the issue of a decree “about demobilization”.

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