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Remigijus Šimašius, member of Lithuanian Parliament, former Minister of Justice

Remigijus Šimašius, member of Lithuanian Parliament, former Minister of Justice

Member of Lithuanian parliament and former Minister of Justice of Lithuania Remigijus Šimašius calls for action. Remigijus Šimašius states that attempt to prosecute Dmitryi Yarosh is clear misuse of Article 3 of Interpol Constitution.

Give Interpol a note!

‪‎Russia‬ wants to prosecute those who are against Putin’s aggression in ‪‎Ukraine‬. Dmitryi ‪Jarosh‬ this time.

Just look at the following charges: “1) Public incitement to terrorist activities involving the use of mass media; 2) Public incitement to extremist activities involving the use of mass media.”

Interpol itself is declaring that “Article 3 of INTERPOL’s Constitution enshrines this guiding principle of neutrality by explicitly forbidding INTERPOL from engaging in matters of political, military, religious and racial character.”

So what the hell are you doing, Interpol?

They ask to contact police or Interpol if we know something. I did.

This is my message I have submitted: “Dear officials of Interpol. It looks to me that an attempt to prosecute Dimtryi Yarosh by Russian Federation is a clear misuse of article 3 of the Constitution of Interpol.

Russia is committing an ‪‎aggression‬ against Ukraine. I think, You have to have this in mind.

Remigijus Simasius, Lithuania”

It’s Your turn now.

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  1. I sent this letter directly to Interpol:

    I see you have added Dmitriy Yarosh from Ukraine to your wanted list.

    Have you any idea of how ridiculous this is?
    Yes you may have done some quick google searches and seen some bad information about him.
    Are you aware of what happens when you search almost any topic relating to the war in Ukraine? – Result: you see pages and pages of results that originate from Russia or sources from Kremlin backed media companies.
    Such as Russia Today etc.

    What is also ridiculous…
    This claim for “wanted status” is made by the Russia.
    The claim has not been made by any legal authorities in Ukraine.

    Lesson #1
    Russia is a different country. If you believe that it’s Russia’s right to interfere with Ukraine and it’s right to keeping its own borders then this would put you on the same level as Kremlin media or Russian military masquerading as separatists.

    Dmitriy Yarosh is part of the Ukrainian MIlitary Operation to counter the attacks of the invasion by the Russia.
    This includes operations such as defending Ukraine against those who openly fire upon civilians and who shoot down planes including MH-17.

    Lesson #2
    Before you add any others on your list from Ukraine, realize that the internet is plagued with Russian Propaganda. They have an amazingly inaccurate account of everything and they have huge teams of people creating news and wiki pages. Check for yourself their account of things like Crimea.
    The news fabricated by the Russia about Yarosh is completely false. It is mostly intended to brainwash Russians to justify war on their neighboring country Ukraine. And to discredit the Ukrainian Defense by painting a picture that they are nazis etc. Have you seen the reports from RT that show the Ukrainian army as cannibals using fake photos? Or that Ukrainians are crucifying babies in rituals? All from the same Kremlin as who have called for this wanted status.

    Or are you on the payroll of Putin too?

    HAve some self respect and do some investigation before reading Propaganda conspiracies. I would’ve thought the least you could do was to check with the Ukrainian Authorities about the claims.

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