Odessa: Anti-Maidan activists are in preparations to revenge pro-Ukrainian activists for the death of their people.

In Odessa Anti-Maidan activists are uploading photos and address details of pro-Ukrainian activists to the internet and threaten to revenge for the death of their people during the fire in the Palace of Trade Unions on the 2nd of May. According to UNIAN (УНИАН), Anti-Maidan activists announced the hunt of Odessans, that participated in pro-Ukrainian gatherings. Full details, such as home addresses, phone numbers, information on relatives, friends, working (studying) places, etc. are being shared via ‘VKontakte’ (*Russian Facebook) social network.

The initiators of this revenge call these people gunmen from ‘Right-wing’, ‘fascists’, ‘sheet’, etc, accuse them of murders and urges to revenge. Next to the faces of potential victims they add pictures of burned bodies, found after the fire in Palace of Trade Unions and field of Kulikov.

In the meantime, via social networks activists of Euromaidan warn their people – supporters of the united Ukraine, to not participate in any rallies or gatherings.