Ukrainian Security Services uncovered a conversion centre, which was used by Klimenko and Arbuzov to finance separatists in Odessa.

Source: UNN

The head of the Ukrainian Security Services Valentyn Nalyvaichenko (stated that a conversion center, which financed riots on the 2nd of May, was uncovered in Odessa.

‘We have stopped the activity of a conversion center, which financed riots in Odessa on the 2nd of May,’ – he said.

According to the head of the SSU, 4 people were arrested. Ex-head of the Ministry of Income Alexander Klimenko and ex-deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Sergey Arbuzov are involved in the activity of this conversion center.

During riots and fire in Odessa on the 2nd of May at least 46 people died, more than 200 were wounded.

SSU were reporting earlier that the riots in Odessa, which led to death of people, were organised outside Ukraine and financed by S. Arbuzov and A. Klimenko.

Later A. Klimenko denied his involvement in financing of support of any protests in Ukraine.