Events of April 16th

dmitry_tymchukBrothers and sisters, here are the events of April 16th.

The bad news:

There’s only a single piece of bad news today, because it overshadows all the others.

The anti-terrorist operation (ATO) is not living up to the expectations.

I don’t even want to comment on the actions of the army. It’s surreal.

However, attempts to figure out the situation shocked even more and allowed to at least partially understand, why this surreal situation is taking place at all. We, members of the “informational resistance”, spent the day in meetings, negotiations and consultations. Results, in general, are disappointing. I’m sorry my friends, I am not at liberty to say everything, so I’ll be brief about what I can (and must) say.

The anti-terrorist operation was planned, the capacities and supply were evaluated and the goals were set. Yet the terms and restrictions on the power structures have been so severe that if the ATO would somehow be a success, it could be considered a miracle of a religious nature.  The commander of the operation that would win in these conditions could probably easily walk on water like Christ and heal people with a touch of a finger. This man could be freely called a miracle maker and be canonized while still being alive.

I don’t know if after tomorrows’ meeting in Geneva the current terms of the operations’ execution will change, but today, if we wanted to equip the extremists with guns, we could have simply given out the guns from the army arsenals and spare the power structures from this ordeal.

This is a specific and direct remark to the highest Ukrainian military government.

Today we registered no less than 300 members of the Russian Special Forces in Russian territory, at the border with Ukraine.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg. The real threat lies in Taganrog, where around 2,000 “green men”, ready for deployment to Ukraine, are gathered.

The good news:

1. Yulia Tymoshenko announced that she is supporting the urgent introduction of the state of emergency in those regions that are suffering from Russian aggression.

I understand that it’s simply a part of her pre-election campaign, but in this case it at least serves the present Ukrainian interests. Of course it would be great if the politicians thought about the good of the country not only before the elections, but I guess we don’t live in a fairy land.

If a state of emergency would be introduced, the work of the power structures would become a lot easier.

2. Russia admitted the economic challenges posed by the Crimea region.

Russian Federations’ Economic Development Minister Aleksei Uliukajev was forced to admit: because of “the deterioration of the international situation” and “capital leakage” the Russian economy is slowing down. Meanwhile, the U.S. announces that it’s ready to introduce new sanctions against Russia.

It’s encouraging to see that at least some people in Kremlin are starting to think about the consequences of the Ukraine crisis. However, unfortunately we do not notice that this would have any effect on Putin’s plans for aggression against Ukraine.

3. Responding to the promises of the Russian press about Yanukovych’s return to Doneck on Easter, the Acting Ukrainian Deputy Prosecutor General Oleg Machnicki announced: if Yanukovych shows up in Ukraine, he will receive a “warm welcome”. Machnicki reminded that Yanukovych is facing charges on 4 different criminal cases, which state serious crimes.

I don’t know if law enforcement will be able to follow through on the promise, but for a not so brave Yanukovych this is yet another reason for enuresis.

To sum up, friends, I’m walking with a heavy heart after today’s events. I would like to return to my previous form of regards. I wish all of us to see tomorrow that God has not forgotten Ukraine.