The center of Mariupol is in blood

From Euromaidanpr Facebook

The clashes between the Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian terrorists have been going on since today’s morning, May 09, 2014. The building of the local police administration has been burnt completely. The terrorists have kidnapped the head of Police of Mariupol, Valeriy Androshchuk.

Pro-Russian snipers killed the commander of Dnipropetrovsk brigade of territorial protection, Sergey Demydenko. When he was already killed, the terrorists cut his ears and put out his eyes.

The commander of the military unit of National Guard, Sergey Savynskiy was severely injured.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Internal Affiars, Arsen Avakov, reports that up to 20 terrorists were annihilated. Four terrorists were taken captive.

Regarding a killed member of Gorlovka municipality

As most of you already know, two bodies were found on April 19th near city of Slavyansk, in the river of Seversky Donets. One of the bodies was identified as Vladimir Rybak, a municipal member of Gorlovka, and part of Batkivshchyna political party. (Please note: not an ex-chairman of Rada, just a namesake.)
Because of these killings, Ukrainian government has decided to deactivate and even intensify the Anti Terrorist Operation.
Nužudytas Gorlovokos deputatas Vladimiras Rybakas

Vladimir Rybak, murdered member of Gorlovka municipality.

Many torture marks by knifes and burning were found on both bodies. According to the Law enforcement, there are two witnesses claiming that torture was carried out in one of the buildings controlled  by the Russian saboteurs, in the city of Slavyansk. During the tortures buildings were guarded by same little green men, i.e., insurgent Russian GRU units.

On April 19th, mutineers and partial media have announced the bodies discovered were victims of the Right sector Slavyansk shootout. Later, newly emerged facts proved shootout to be staged, claiming one completely unconnected civilian casualty.

At least one US journalist is currently missing in Slavyansk, suspected kidnapping.

Vladimir Rybak was kidnapped on 17th of April after a verbal confrontation with mutineers in Gorlovka. Confrontation happened right after a rally for Ukrainian unity, when Vladimir Rybak, a member of the municipality tried to enter the municipal building. According to eyewitnesses reports police were present but did not intervene.

Vladimir Rybak was known in Gorlovka for speaking his mind and not being scared to tell other politicians off.

Concerning the supposed legitimacy of Viktor Yanukovych

Many have already forgotten the reason for people’s protest in Maidan. Now, the Russian Government – Vladimir Putin and his cronies – is hiding Viktor Yanukovych and other contributors responsible for murdering people in Maidan, inadequate crackdown on protesters, kidnappings, organized assassinations, etc.

Stamps found at the office of Party of Regions in Tyachiv

Stamps found at the office of Party of Regions in Tyachiv

The main reason for protests was the feeling of injustice – everyone understood that election was doctored, and the corruption in governmental agencies was incredibly high. The golden bread of Yanukovych, and his villa, full of stolen goods revealed everything. Still, there are even more telling facts. For example, the stamps of all electoral commissions, which were found in one of the headquarters of the Party of Regions at the end of February.

A stamp used for electoral fraud

A stamp used for electoral fraud

Currently, the members of the Party of Regions are rearing their heads in Donetsk, supporting the activities of Russian saboteurs and collaborators. Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin claims that Viktor Yanukovych is the legitimate president of Ukraine. But he never was. He was a fraud, who came to power illegally by making a parody of election. A fraud, who sold himself to Russia, which now attacked Ukraine. A thief and a murderer, who wants to trigger a civil war in Ukraine.