Group of terrorists captured, 100 thousand “voted” ballot papers found

A group of terrorists with over 100 thousand pre-filled referendum ballot papers near Slavyansk, Donetsk region.


A group of terrorists, who carried over 100 thousand fixed referendum ballot papers, has been arrested in Donetsk area.

During the anti-terrorist operation on May the 10th in Donetsk area, a group of armed terrorists was arrested.

“InfoResist”, quoting “Obrozrevatel” report, states that while carrying out the anti-terrorist operation near Slavyansk on 10th of May, a group of terrorists was arrested.

Boxes with “Donetsk Republic” referendum ballot papers were found during the inspection of a “Daewoo Lanos” car. Over 100 thousand ballot papers were found in total. All of them had the option of “Donetsk Republic independence” ticked (indicating a preference for independence).

Additionally, an AK-47 automatic weapon, two Makarov pistols and two other weapons, used for shooting with pneumatic and rubber bullets were found in the car, as well as 60 AK-47 and 24 Makarov pistol bullets.


Concerning the supposed legitimacy of Viktor Yanukovych

Many have already forgotten the reason for people’s protest in Maidan. Now, the Russian Government – Vladimir Putin and his cronies – is hiding Viktor Yanukovych and other contributors responsible for murdering people in Maidan, inadequate crackdown on protesters, kidnappings, organized assassinations, etc.

Stamps found at the office of Party of Regions in Tyachiv

Stamps found at the office of Party of Regions in Tyachiv

The main reason for protests was the feeling of injustice – everyone understood that election was doctored, and the corruption in governmental agencies was incredibly high. The golden bread of Yanukovych, and his villa, full of stolen goods revealed everything. Still, there are even more telling facts. For example, the stamps of all electoral commissions, which were found in one of the headquarters of the Party of Regions at the end of February.

A stamp used for electoral fraud

A stamp used for electoral fraud

Currently, the members of the Party of Regions are rearing their heads in Donetsk, supporting the activities of Russian saboteurs and collaborators. Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin claims that Viktor Yanukovych is the legitimate president of Ukraine. But he never was. He was a fraud, who came to power illegally by making a parody of election. A fraud, who sold himself to Russia, which now attacked Ukraine. A thief and a murderer, who wants to trigger a civil war in Ukraine.