Odessa: Anti-Maidan activists are in preparations to revenge pro-Ukrainian activists for the death of their people.

In Odessa Anti-Maidan activists are uploading photos and address details of pro-Ukrainian activists to the internet and threaten to revenge for the death of their people during the fire in the Palace of Trade Unions on the 2nd of May. According to UNIAN (УНИАН), Anti-Maidan activists announced the hunt of Odessans, that participated in pro-Ukrainian gatherings. Full details, such as home addresses, phone numbers, information on relatives, friends, working (studying) places, etc. are being shared via ‘VKontakte’ (*Russian Facebook) social network.

The initiators of this revenge call these people gunmen from ‘Right-wing’, ‘fascists’, ‘sheet’, etc, accuse them of murders and urges to revenge. Next to the faces of potential victims they add pictures of burned bodies, found after the fire in Palace of Trade Unions and field of Kulikov.

In the meantime, via social networks activists of Euromaidan warn their people – supporters of the united Ukraine, to not participate in any rallies or gatherings.

Chronicles of Slavyansk: May 2nd, 2014

By Dmitry Tymchuk, translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

9:30 PM EEST

A group of armed extremists has attacked, using small arms, the servicemen of the 95th Separate Airmobile Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the vicinity of the village of Andriyivka near Slavyansk, the Defense Ministry announced tonight.

“A violent combat confrontation is underway. At the present moment, two Ukrainian servicemen are confirmed dead,’ the Ministry noted.

Earlier, extremists attempted to prevent the execution of paratroopers’ assigned tasks by blocking the bridge.

At the same time, armed extremists used their usual tactics of terrorist formations–using local local residents, including women, to block [the pathway].

However, according to data reported to Ukrainian Pravda by an informed source, the Ukrainian military were surrounded by armed separatists; they have taken a defensive perimeter and are ‘ready to stand until the very end.’

Source: Pravda.com.ua

8:23 PM EEST

According to ‘InfoResist’ data from the field, in areas of Slavyansk controlled by mutineers, personal transport of locals is being hastily expropriated to stage a suspected break through out of besieged city.

Subversives received special instructions to avoid armed clashes while crossing the state border.

Pro-Russian terrorists in Donbass have been given a full opportunity to confront Ukrainian special forces themselves, without the active support of subversive and reconnaissance groups of the Russian Specnaz.

7:50 PM EEST

Temporary halt in activities by Ukrainian security forces was caused by negotiations with extremists regarding the release of OSCE representatives captured [in Slavyansk last Friday].

Special ops divisions engaged in the operation are fully prepared to continue operations.

5:15 PM EEST

The SBU has established the identity of ‘Abwehr’, whom I had mentioned this morning (he was supposed to take over command from ‘Strelok’).

According to information from the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), the subversive who went under the call-sign of Abwehr is a citizen of Russia (he also has a Ukrainian passport), Sergey Anatoliyevych Zdryliuk.

Born June 23, 1972 in Vinnytsia Region. Resided in Crimea for a long time. There he went through a special training course in a Russian camp, and on April 12, 2014, he came with Strelok to Donetsk Region to take part in subversive operations.

As a member of a group in charge of intelligence and subversion, he attacked SBU agents on April 13. During this attack, one SBU agent was killed and three were wounded.

5:05 PM EEST

On the possibility of Aksyonov‘s gangs arrival to Donbass from Crimea.

According to the ‘InfoResist’, both of the roads connecting Crimea with mainland Ukraine are currently under full control by the units of State Border Service of Ukraine and the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the administrative border of the ARC [Autonomous Republic of Crimea].

Units of [Ukrainian] security forces in the area are in full combat readiness.

Ukrainian border control servicemen have taken measures to prevent the entry of armed individuals from Crimea to the mainland. According to our sources at the State Border Service, the infiltration of militant units from Crimea is out of the question.

Earlier, Putin’s puppet in Crimea by the name of [Sergey] Aksyonov declared about the possible arrival of militants from Crimea to provide ‘assistance’ to pro-Russian separatists in Slavyansk. Also, a video message by the so-called ‘Crimean militia’ was distributed, in which certain individuals in camouflage announced that ‘today, two battalions of Crimea militia were advancing to the southeastern Ukraine.’

1:33 PM EEST

Shortly after our explanation of reasons behind the Russian delegation’s ‘disappearance’ in Donetsk region, Mr. Lukin ‘resurfaced.’

Earlier, after our report about a human shield being organized for terrorists by self-proclaimed mayor Vyacheslav Ponomarev of Slavyansk , ‘mayor’ urgently delivered a video message, in which he called upon the Slavyansk residents to stay home.

We cannot help but to express our satisfaction with such prompt reaction by Russia. We recommend that they keep up the good work.

12:30 PM EEST

According to operational data from ‘InfoResist’, a charter flight with a Russian delegation headed by Vladimir Lukin, which left for Ukraine without issuing a notice to Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, landed around 10:00 AM EEST in Donetsk airport.

Currently, as stated by Russian President’s Press secretary Dmitry Peskov, ‘the Russian side can’t yet establish communication with Lukin.’

According to our data, the ‘disappearance’ of Mr. Lukin Russian delegation is talking about is actually a provocation Kremlin planned in advance.

11:30 AM EEST

According to operational data from ‘InfoResist”, terrorists attempted to capture/seize the ‘Moscow-Mariupol’ passenger train.

In particular, an attempt was made to seize a train during its stop in Slavyansk (with train arrival in Slavyansk at 8:06 AM EEST).

Anti-terrorist units have thwarted the scenario of terrorists.

There are no casualties or wounded people.

According to operational data of the ‘InfoResist’, the self-proclaimed mayor of Slavyansk, Vyacheslav Ponomarev, personally organizes the use of civilians in the streets of Slavyansk to ‘protect’ the town from Ukrainian security forces.

The goal is to provide terrorists with a human shield that primarily consists of women and children.

Interestingly enough, our data shows that a few days ago Ponomarev himself arranged for his family to leave the Donbass area. Ukrainian law enforcement have information about their whereabouts.

11:00 AM EEST

According to operational data of the ‘InfoResist’, during the transfer of authority from the Russian subversive group commander ‘Arrow’ in Slavyansk to the Russian subversive ‘Abwehr’ located in Horlivka [Donetsk region], problems arose.

‘Abwehr’ refused to accept the command. This subversive is currently trying to leave the city of Horlivka.

Ukrainian troops are taking appropriate measures to arrest him.

10:50 AM EEST

According to operational data from ‘InfoResist’, currently 2 Mi-24 helicopters of Ukrainian special forces were shot down from MANPADS.

One Mi-8 helicopter was shot at from small arms, but managed to land.

Also, terrorists are actively using civilian population as a shield in Slavyansk.

10:45 AM EEST

According to field data from ‘InfoResist’, as we reported yesterday, a senior representative of Putin arrives in Ukraine–Vladimir Lukin, the former Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation until March 2014.

A number of Moscow representatives arrive to Donetsk on a charter flight with him.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry hasn’t been notified about the arrival of the delegation.

According to our data, the task of the delegation is to make loud accusatory statements over ‘gross violations of human rights’” by the Ukrainian authorities and security forces in eastern Ukraine.

Vladimir Lukin was the representative of Putin who arrived in Kiev on February 20, 2014 to participate in talks between Yanukovych and Maidan as a mediator from the Russian Federation. He became the sole representative of the parties who refused to sign an agreement between Yanukovych and opposition (in ‘non-compliance’ of which Moscow is presently blames the current Ukrainian authorities).

10:30 AM EEST

According to operational data from ‘InfoResist’, terrorists in Slavyansk are still prepared  to implement a provocation with possible loss of life, the planning of which we reported yesterday.

Its purpose is to simulate ‘atrocities’ by Ukrainian security forces. (We do not yet have any information regarding the ‘association’ of the alleged provocation representatives acting on behalf of the ‘Right Sector’ as planned yesterday).

Russian journalists are urgently gathered by terrorist leaders in an area, while they are still controlled by pro-Russian separatists.

Ukrainian troops still can not guarantee that they will thwart the provocation.

10:10 AM EEST

According to operational data from ‘InfoResist’, the commander of Russian diversives ‘Shooter’ with a group of subordinates intends to breakthrough from the Slavyansk.

Local separatists were notified that they should not particularly count on the Russian intervention.

Terrorist headquarters in Slavyansk is currently being disbanded – similar structure is organized in Horlivka. The command was transferred to a subversive with a callsign ‘Abwehr.’

10:00 AM EEST

According to operational data from ‘InfoResist’, special forces in Slavyansk closed the ‘ring’ around the main forces of terrorists.

There are reports that Russian subversives operating in the city and being the ‘core’ of the terrorist forces, intend to the fight off the encirclement on the border with Russia. Local separatists in this case will solve their own problems.

Ukrainian troops are taking measures to prevent the breakout.

8:00 AM EEST

According to ‘InfoResist’ data from the field, in areas of Slavyansk controlled by mutineers, personal transport of locals is being hastily expropriated to stage a suspected break through out of besieged city.

Also we have noticed signs of panic between petty criminals participating in terrorist activity in Slavyansk. These paid criminals it seems are not prepared to fight against Ukrainian military force for the ‘big ideas from Moscow’.

7:00 AM EEST

According to ‘InfoResist’ data, Ukrainian forces are controlling the majority of Slavyansk while continuing the active phase of anti-terrorist operation. At this moment, checkpoints of terrorists are pulled apart and the television center of the city is under control.

Terrorists are trying to escape. The main sources of resistance are located in the southeastern part of the city.

During the operation, a Mi-24 helicopter used by Ukrainian special forces, has been shot down by terrorists with two shots from MANPADS (the second helicopter that worked in pairs managed to safely retrieve).

Regarding the possible provocation on May 2nd

Dmitry Tymchuk

To the knowledge of ‘InfoResist’, following the orders of the Russian Headquarter of the Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU), pro-Russian terrorists are preparing to launch a usual provocation with casualties in Slavyansk.

It is going to be carried out in such a way that members of the Right Sector could be blamed.

This move is prepared because of an important visit to Ukraine by Russian official. The official reason for the visit is negotiation to free the OSCE hostages held by terrorists. To our knowledge, this same person was in Ukraine during the tragic Maidan events in January, 2014.

Preparations for the operation began in Moscow today (May the 1st) by publishing a ‘Ministry of Foreign Affairs statement concerning the plans of Kiev to organize a move of forces in Southeastern Ukraine’.

Among other things declared in the statement, it is claimed that Kremlin’is concerned about the media announcements regarding the goal of Kiev’s regime to launch an assault in the Southeast and use squads of the ultra-nationalist Right Sector’.

According to Kremlin media, Simon Ostrovsky from VICE News turned out to be a Right Sector informer

Simon Ostrovsky, reporting from Donetsk

Simon Ostrovsky, reporting from Donetsk

NTV, one of the leading Russian-language TV channels, has posted an article on its website boasting a stunning headline: Dual-citizen journalist turned out to be Right Sector informer (link in Russian).

As many of you know, during past few months Simon Ostrovsky has become one of the most followed Western journalists covering the Ukrainian crisis with his successful video reports. Ostrovsky, who was born in the USSR, currently resides in the USA.

Ostrovsky is held captive by pro-Russian insurgents in the Ukrainian town of Sloviansk since April 22. It appears that Russian media company accurately repeated the explanation provided by Mr Ponomaryov, self-declared people’s mayor of Sloviansk. Ponomaryov stated earlier that Israeli-American filmmaker was visiting Sloviansk with a purpose of providing information to the Right Sector radical movement.

A poorly staged shootout in Sloviansk

Russia is currently spreading the usual paranoid propaganda concerning the events in Sloviansk. The claim is that some gunmen from the Right Sector have attacked the separatist checkpoint and killed three or five people. Yet, there are inconsistencies in this story, and a lesson might be learned how to identify such propaganda.

People were killed, but there are no wounded

Usually, there are about five to ten times more persons wounded than killed in a shootout. This is well-known. If five people were killed in a gunfire, you can expect that there will be 25 to 50 people wounded. Where are they in this case? Well, they don’t exist. A long time has already passed but there is no information on the injured participants. Frankly, it seems, that there will be no such info.

The burned vehicle of the supposed gunmen is standing near the camp fire of separatist. There is a barricade just twenty meters away. Do you believe that the gunmen came and parked in such an orderly manner?

The burned vehicle of the supposed gunmen is standing near the camp fire of separatist. There is a barricade just twenty meters away. Do you believe that the gunmen came and parked in such an orderly manner?

Of course, there are cases, when there are less persons wounded than killed, but these are under exceptional circumstances. For instance, everyone (with a single exception of Tomas Šernas) died during the Medininkai massacre, which was carried out by the members of Riga and Vilnius’ OMON*. That is, one person survived, even when there were additional shots fired to make sure that everyone died there and then. Wounded and unarmed border guards were killed methodically. This is how the usual ratio of wounded-killed was distorted.

In Sloviansk, according to the separatists and Kremlin propaganda, some remained alive and forced the attackers to flee. Therefore, there should be a couple of dozens injured persons. Yet, there are none.

Burned vehicles with undamaged evidence

The burned vehicles of the supposed attackers further prove that all of this story is a falsification. They are standing some ten meters away from the barricades and very close to the separatists’ campfire.

Real raiders would never get so close to the enemy. It is foolish to come so close, park the cars properly, one after the other, and then attempt to shoot. Even total gawks would understand enough to stop the cars in such a way that they would remain undamaged, so that later they could be used to abandon the location. It is also self evident that the raid should be carried out in such a manner, that it would catch the enemy by surprise. When the vehicles are seen coming, the guards at the checkpoint will always have time to react.

In a realistic scenario, the cars would be left a few hundred meters away. But that wouldn't work for propaganda, would it? The distance between the vehicles and the barricades can be easily determined by the differences between persons - it can be said that a wide-angle lens was used, and the photographer was close to the barricades (some 10-15 meters away).

In a realistic scenario, the cars would be left a few hundred meters away. But that wouldn’t work for propaganda, would it? The distance between the vehicles and the barricades can be easily determined by the differences between size of persons – it can be said that a wide-angle lens was used, and the photographer was close to the barricades (some 10-15 meters away).

Pay attention to the photo, in which the details can be clearly seen. Two cars are standing next to each other. This means that there was no hasty arrival. These cars were parked by the side of the road in an orderly manner. The door of one of those cars is closed. This means that people got out of the vehicle and then decided to shut it. Either that, or there were no people inside. Moreover, those neatly closed door are facing the direction opposite to the road. That is, they are on the side, which is commonly used by people to get out and which should be used by gunmen if they were to take cover behind the bushes.

After the cars burned down, it should be very difficult to open or close the door – destroyed mechanisms would prevent it and the door would become somewhat twisted.

It is obvious that someone came with those cars, parked them neatly, got out, closed the door and only afterwards the shootout began. Does it remind you of a gunmen raid?

Oh, and of course, later, undamaged evidence (found in burned down vehicles) implicated the Right Sector. The evidence included incombustible business cards of the leader of the Right Sector, Dmitry Yarosh.

Other obvious nonsense

Some more humbug. For instance, why did those supposed raiders from the Right Sectors dropped their weapons? So that they could be collected by the separatists and used as a proof of an attack?

Why did a Russian TV manage to broadcast news (and upload on the internet) even before the incident took place? By the way, right before the collapse of the Yanukovych regime, there was one other such failure. Then, a few media broadcasters provided more or less similar information about the attack of the Right Sector on the Ukrainian Rada. Afterwards, it became clear that that was rubbish.

One of the victims of the incident in Sloviansk is already identified. It’s Pavel Povelko from the Alexandrovka village, which is not far from Sloviansk. He had a wife and two children who are know orphans. His neighbors and relatives claim that the separatists needed victims and, therefore, they had to stage a Right Sector attack. That’s why they took him from the car, shot and burned down the vehicle.

Now, the propaganda stories about the supposedly captured gunman from the Right Sector are spread. He was hitchhiking nearby and told that he and the other raiders went somewhere to shoot someone. Does that even sound realistic? We can only sympathize with an innocent person who is forced do admit these false charges.

By the way, don’t you want to ask a question why journalists are now being kidnapped in Sloviansk? I guess that they  began asking the “wrong” questions. Just like I do here.

Such falsifications and intensified propaganda is characteristic of pre-war conditions. Yes, Russia is preparing for a war and is doing everything to convince its own citizens of the justness of such war. They don’t care that their claims are nonsensical – their citizens won’t know it, because the inconsistencies will not be shown.

They kill innocent people with one goal – to portray some imaginary Ukrainian gunmen and get a pretext for war. Innocent people become victims and are later depicted as separatists or members of the Right Sector.

* By the way, the Ukrainian Berkut is also OMON, only renamed.

Source: http://rokiskis.popo.lt/2014/04/21/baltais-siulais-siutas-susisaudymas-slovianske/