Dmitry Tymchuk– On the Infiltration of Provocateurs and Saboteurs into Ukraine

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

Concerning reports of provocateurs and saboteurs infiltrating into the territory of Ukraine

1. Antratsyt, Donetsk Region

Concerning yesterday’s sightings of KaMAZ trucks transporting extremists with Russian flags, in the town of Antratsyt [Donetsk Region]. Information about possible attempts of saboteurs to cross the border in this area was received by appropriate Ukrainian state authorities on the morning of May 5, 2014. Rapid measures were taken to increase security at the state border, involving additional forces of the State Border Guard Service, the Security Service of Ukraine [SBU], and the Armed Forces of Ukraine. There is no record of any motor transport columns carrying groups of people crossing the state border.

Special services and law enforcement authorities are currently investigating the situation. It is possible that the ‘sighting’ was organized by Donbass-based extremists in order to imitate a ‘breach of the border’ by extremists from Russia.

2. Border with Transnistria

According to our information, up to 250 ‘Putin’s tourists’ and saboteurs were transported to the territory of Ukraine from Transnistria over the past 3 days. Their task is to continue destabilizing the situation in the southern regions of our country. The planned peak of this destabilization is May 9th [Victory Day].

Previously, these individuals had arrived to Transnistria from Russia, coordinated by officers of the Russian Federal Security Service [FSB]. Information Resistance made numerous reports of this during March-April 2014. Currently, [Ukrainian] special services are taking measures to neutralize these extremist groups.

3. Crimea

Extremists coordinated by Russian special services continue arriving in Odessa from Crimea.

Due to the strict entry regulations ensured at the administrative border of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea by the forces of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, saboteurs and provocateurs adopted a new tactic. Ukrainian citizens residing in Crimea, being hired by Russian special services, travel to the mainland individually or in small groups, posing as peaceful citizens. Following that, they closely cooperate with local separatists and receive weapons after their arrival on-site.

Ukrainian special services are working to neutralize these saboteurs as well.

Dmitry Tymchuk: Events 6th of May

Brothers and sisters, the 6th of May.

The bad:

1. Thehead of SBU, V. Nalyvaichenko, said that the situation in the Donbass is complicated because the locals are under the influence of serious disinformation and do not trust the Interior Ministry, Security Service and the Ministry of Defense.

So here is a question: what did structures of Ukraine did to fight the powerful propaganda machine from Russia for the past 2 months? Where do we start with our counter-propaganda? Who is responsible for our information policy and IPSO (informational-psychological operations) at headquarters of ATO? Where is the coordinating agency of informational resistance, which was supposed to be created under the National Security Council? Many questions and zero answers.

Yes, it’s true that both state structures and among the citizens there are plenty of patriots who are doing this work [information and counter-propaganda] out of sheer enthusiasm. That’s a good thing. But informational resistance against Russian propaganda is a task primarily for the state with all its resources. It is impossible to win a real war while the war is being lost in the minds of people of the East.

2 . M.Koval the Defense Minister says that the government does not want to engage in a military confrontation with civilians of Donbass, so anti-terrorist operation is progressing slowly .

I agree with Mr Koval. Destroyed territory – is not an option. We’re not Russian troops in the Caucasus.

But I will repeat again – government finally somehow allowed the use of weapons during the active stages of ATO. Bless them. But it is not enough – please allow the military to open fire defending attacks on them and their protected objects. They can not fight armed terrorists with prayers and hymns.

3 . Russia sees no point in new negotiations with Ukraine if the Russian supported terrorists are not at the table.
I think for a start we need to ask Russia to share their great experience in conflict resolution, for example – the Caucasus.

And we will try in this list of civilian murders, destruction of entire communities and other bloody crimes, to find at least one allusion to the Russian desire to solve similar situation at the negotiating table.

The good:

1. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine recommended that Acting President Oleksandr Turchynov appoint a person responsible for managing the anti-terrorist operation, as part of coordinating the security and defense authorities in the course of the ATO.

The coordination of security forces in the ATO – is a sore point operations. It is vital to solve this problem.

But I do not quite understand the need for another officer? Why can’t the commander of ATO provide such coordination – it is his direct responsibility, isn’t? And they will probably recommend five deputies each one for separate power structure. And then the decisions will be made during the debates. I do not think that such a system will be an efficient and correct for the situation .

Let’s wait and see how this is going to work, it is better than nothing. At least the problem has been noticed and someone is doing something about it.


2 . Sergey Chebotar, the Deputy Interior Ministry participated at the press conference in Odessa regarding the tragic events of May the 2nd.

He informed that the head of the Chief Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs [in Odessa], as well as three of his deputies, had been dismissed. 160 people who participated in the riots on both sides were detained. From now on all people in masks will be detained. Quite a few of Interior Ministry’s personnel were sacked for cowardice.

The sacking business would be a lot more difficult in the East. According to Information resistance data, few police chiefs were paid to turn in their allegedly captured offices and departments. The amounts of $100.000 were mentioned.

I am appealing to  Mr. Avakov, our Interior Minister. To be honest, after complete stagnation of police departments ( I mean ignoring the problems with the local security forces in the East and South) I have no particular reason to trust you. But the current steps do inspire my confidence – I hope not only me, but many of my countrymen . If you will finish to clean the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the benefit – I will be the first raise my hat to you and ask to shake your hand.

3 . All structures of Maidan Self-defense will now operate under the Interior Ministry, the National Guard and Army. This decision was made by Self Defense Council, chaired by  A.Parubiy, the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council.

This is at last a decent answer to Moscow’s moans and wails about the disarmament of illegal armed groups in Kiev under the Geneva Agreement.

Well, Mr. Putin, now it’s your turn to show how you can keep your word. We have no illusions and we expect another avalanche of lies and excuses from Moscow. So let the world for the nth time see the true face of Kremlin.

Summary of Events, 5th of May

By Dmitry Tymchuk, translated by Voices of Ukraine

Brothers and sisters,

Here’s the Summary for May 5, 2014.

The bad news:

1. Not-suited-to-be-candidate [Oleh] Tsaryov barged in from Moscow (by the way, he flew in with Kremlin envoy Lukin and that speaks for itself), looked in Luhansk, and immediately thereafter the Luhansk regional council headed by self-proclaimed “governor” Bolotov announced a “referendum.” He also demanded from Kyiv to remove troops from the east of Ukraine and to stop the anti-terrorist operation (ATO).

It is not known how much money Tsaryov drew from Putin, but the little Luhansk deputies very accurately reproduced in their appeal earlier ultimatums from Moscow to the Ukrainian authorities. By the way, it remains a mystery exactly how many local deputies supported the bullshit proposed by Tsaryov with Bolotov.

2. Very dangerous things are happening on the border with Russia. The [Ukrainian] State Border Service records the blocking of border checkpoints by pro-Russian extremists.

There haven’t been any attacks yet. But it seems that if the Russian military need a “corridor” across the border, our border guards will have a very hard time.

3. Our servicemen are dying. Today, an “Alpha” soldier who tried to carry a wounded comrade from the line of gunfire, joined the ranks of the dead. He was killed by an explosion from a grenade.
We bow our heads to those fallen for the freedom of Ukraine. Every one of them is a hero.

By the way, yesterday, during a gunfight of the very same “Alpha” with terrorists, seven SBU operatives were injured, whereas 17 terrorists were killed–we determined the exact number of their casualties.

4. According to data from the Odesa regional organization of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine, either the Odesa police or the doctors sold the database of people who came to hospitals for medical treatment after clashes on May 2 to pro-Russian separatists.

The pro-Russian vermin immediately began to post the names and addresses of Ukrainian patriots on social networks, dripping saliva and threatening with revenge.

All these cowardly mutts can do is to attack from behind, bite and run off. But it’s dangerous when they attack in packs, and you are alone. I very much hope that the Odesa patriots will be able to mobilize to ensure they won’t get hurt.

Wounded "colorado": no more "Russia, russia", now its "please save me", and even gave up his gun.

Wounded “colorado”: no more “Russia, russia”, now its “please save me”, and even gave up his gun.


The good:

1. The ATO continues. Unfortunately, not without oddities.

We do not fully understand the meaning of abandoning the security forces of Kramatorsk. As evidenced by our sources in the city, the terrorists have insufficient forces to capture the city under their control. But instead of a terrorist hell, they throw Kramatorsk adrift in flames of anarchy and the arbitrariness of the local petty criminality. Which isn’t much better.

But … it is better to have a muddy ATO than an extremely clear omission.

2. In Kherson, 36 instigators heading to Odesa from Crimea were detained during a special operation.

Counterintelligence works. And it inspires hope that the bloody scenario imposed by Moscow in the South will nevertheless fail. While it would be better if these visitors are neutralized at the border of the ARC [Autonomous Republic of Crimea] (although, again, [Ukrainian authorities] won’t detain everyone crossing the border–distinguishing Putin’s emissaries from the “tourists” is the task of security services).

3. This news is not so much good but ridiculous. Russian President Putin signed a decree awarding orders and medals to a large group of Russian media.

What a farce. The whole world laughs at these fabulists and mythmakers, who have no relation to journalism. Their crude ability to twist the truth and spread around propaganda pictures intended for a weak mind is pathetic. But Putin appreciates and honors them. Lies, in Russia, today, are an honorable business.

However, personally I thought that at least they are trying so hard for the money. But they serve for food and certificates. Well done.

You were warned

Arkadij Babchenko – Russian publicist, war reporter, writer and veteran of Chechnya war.

I can tell only this on Odessa events.

Armed people wishing massacre and dead bodies came covering themselves by the cops?
Armed people got massacre and dead bodies.
They thought this would be not their own dead bodies?
No. It would be their dead bodies as well.
For all Russian “patriots” now shouting about fascist and how “to level chochly under asphalt” – do you think that there would not be dead bodies of yours?
No. There would be dead bodies of yours. If it would start serious – it could not go without dead bodies of yours. Never ever. Believe me.
You thought it would be otherwise?
You thought that it is enough to spit hysterically on monitor and zhydobanderovcy will level themselves and annihilate? You thought that it is possible to kidnap, kill, beat, throw grenade on blocking post, and they just will turn another cheek?
No. They will fight.
If you will start killing people – they will kill in response.
Who may ever consider that, right?
“No one will throw flowers under the tracks. There will be total partisan war” – you were warned?
You were warned, right?
You are going to reap just what you sow.
It can’t be the other way.
It will be that way.

Dmitry Tymchuk: About the events in southern Ukraine of 2nd-4th of May

About the events in southern Ukraine of 2nd-4th of May

Scenario for the”South” –  Russian terrorist’s actions go according to plan of Moscow. As foreseen, the situation in Odessa completely destabilized .

The tragic events in Odessa, provoked by pro-Russian extremists were also made possible because of the position and actions of the Odessa Police .

The fact is that for many weeks, local pro-Russian forces regularly performed provocations against patriotic part of the population. Local law enforcement officers in the best cases showed a complete disability to act, in the worst – actively supported the pro-Russian extremists.


Events of May the 2nd began with the provocations of pro-Russian separatists with attacks against unarmed Ukrainian activists killing civilians and all subsequent events were caused by these murders.

Odessa police in these conditions behaved outrageously and unacceptably. We have evidence that in the period of preparations for pro-Russian provocations on May the 2nd, local law enforcement agencies had arrested a group of pro-Russian extremists. By order of the police chief of the city, they were immediately released.

During the clashes Odessa police provided security for pro-Russian terrorists who were able to freely shoot Ukrainian patriots from behind the policemen.

Only after this bloodshed hosted by separatists with the support of the police began, patriotic citizens moved into action, driving pro-Russian separatists into the House of Trade Unions where they barricaded themselves and continued shooting at unarmed citizens.

We hope that the investigation will establish exactly what happened in the House of Trade Unions and what was the cause of the fire which killed many people. But we have every reason to believe that responsibility for this tragedy lies entirely on those who originally initiated the event on May the 2nd and those who instead of performing their duties as law enforcement officers directly supported and assisted criminals.

At the same time the events of May the 4 when the prosecutor’s office of Odessa region ordered to release the detained initiators of the bloody events saying that it was done “at the request of the protesters”. This clearly indicates that the law enforcement officers of Odessa are not going to stop their criminal activities of supporting and aiding terrorists.

We have to emphasize the damaging role of general prosecutor of Ukraine, who has personally ordered the detained criminals to be left in Odessa instead of being urgently escorted to Kiev.

We want to remind the Ukrainian authorities that these events are only a “warm-up” for pro-Russian terrorists before the 9th of May. If you do not take immediate action today (including personal responsibility and leadership of law enforcement and prosecutors of Odessa region) – the tragic events of the last few days will repeat on a larger scale and not only in Odessa.

Group “Information Resistance “

Odessa: Anti-Maidan activists are in preparations to revenge pro-Ukrainian activists for the death of their people.

In Odessa Anti-Maidan activists are uploading photos and address details of pro-Ukrainian activists to the internet and threaten to revenge for the death of their people during the fire in the Palace of Trade Unions on the 2nd of May. According to UNIAN (УНИАН), Anti-Maidan activists announced the hunt of Odessans, that participated in pro-Ukrainian gatherings. Full details, such as home addresses, phone numbers, information on relatives, friends, working (studying) places, etc. are being shared via ‘VKontakte’ (*Russian Facebook) social network.

The initiators of this revenge call these people gunmen from ‘Right-wing’, ‘fascists’, ‘sheet’, etc, accuse them of murders and urges to revenge. Next to the faces of potential victims they add pictures of burned bodies, found after the fire in Palace of Trade Unions and field of Kulikov.

In the meantime, via social networks activists of Euromaidan warn their people – supporters of the united Ukraine, to not participate in any rallies or gatherings.

Dmitry Tymchuk: Events in Odessa, May 2, 2014

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

According to Information Resistance, yesterday’s provocations in Odessa, which caused numerous casualties, were the result of an operation conducted and coordinated by Russia.

From the beginning of March until the end of April 2014, we noted the arrival of Russian Armed Forces units and those of the Main Intelligence Directorate [GRU of the General Staff of Russian Armed Forces], as well as representatives of Russian Cossacks and ultra-nationalist organizations on the territory of Transnistria.

Since mid-April, our sources in the Republic of Moldova recorded the arrival of Russian groups with young athletic men in Chisinau, departing further into the territory of Transnistria. They were accompanied by Russian FSB operatives.

As a result, by the beginning of May, about 1,700 Russian servicemen and about 2,200 representatives of various Russian organizations (mostly, the Cossacks) coordinated by the FSB were located in Transnistria. Of the total number of Russian troops, about 800 people are represented by GRU units of the General Staff.

We relayed this information during the months of March and April in the Information Resistance reports.

According to our data, starting from the end of April, subversive and reconnaissance groups of Russian Spetsnaz and groups of instigators deployed to the territory of Ukraine, were tasked to destabilize the situation in southern Ukraine in conjunction with local pro-Russian separatists. And first of all–in Odessa.

The active phase of the operation aimed to capture the local [participating] public authorities , and was scheduled for May 9–when under the ideological slogans of Victory Day, an opportunity to initiate the activity of pro-Russian sympathizers among the local population was present. After achieving tactical successes in Odessa, similar actions by incoming ‘Putin’s tourists’ were to be initiated in Mykolayiv and Kherson.

However, the beginning of the active phase of the ATO in Slavyansk made ​​Russian leadership force events in southern Ukraine, in order to compel Ukrainian security forces to urgently deploy resources and means from Donbass. We observed the tragic result of this monstrous provocation yesterday in Odessa.

May 3, 2014 Lithuanian media round-up

Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaitė expressed her condolences to Ukrainian people over the tragic events in Odessa. She said that ‘all sides must join efforts to stabilise the situation.’ (Press Service of the President, BNS)

Linas Linkevičius, Minister of Foreign Affairs, expressed his personal condolences over the tragic situation in Odessa. He hopes that it will spread unity rather than anger in the strong community of Odessa. (Twitter)

Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski thinks that destabilization of situation in Ukraine leads to a new cold war between West and Russia. He also does not reject the probability that Russia wants to occupy Eastern Ukraine in exactly the same way as a Crimea. (

Bloody Friday in Odessa. Poll Lenec story.

At 15.00, we (Euromaidan) gathered in Sobor square and prepared to march through Odessa in order to show that Odessa is Ukrainian.

At around 15.30, in the Greek street, a formation of fully equipped pro-Russian activists began approaching us from the direction the ‘Athena’.  Police lined two cordons, one blocking us, the other blocking them. Soon people from both sides began breaking street paving and threw stones at each other over the militia cordon. Both fireworks and sonic firecrackers were used. Stone throwing continued for half an hour. Injured persons were moved away. Nobody really understood what was the power ratio.

Half an hour later a small group from Euromaidan decided to outflank the pro-Russians through a small street of Zhukovsky. I was there as well. When our people with stones outflanked them, and there was no police between the groups, pro-Russians opened a combat weapon fire. The last of our group started running, while I and a few other people fell to the ground and hid behind vehicles. Then pro-Russians launched a counterattack, threw stones and fireworks. A huge stone fell just a couple of inches away from my head, its splinter hitting my eyebrow. There was a lot of blood and it was really frightening. After that, I understood that I won’t escape by lying on the ground, and when our people began throwing stones in response, I managed to get to the crowd behind the corner. There, I’ve met the first one hurt in the gunfire. An artery in his leg was shot and pink blood sprayed in fountains. He was in shock and assured me that he was fine. I and some other guys carried him to some quickly erected medical point.

When I came back to Zhukovsky street, I saw the most horrifying sight in my life. A young man was lying dead, covered with a Ukrainian flag. Somebody took his phone, called his parents and said: ‘Your son was killed. Come to Deribasivska to pick him up.’ The first thing I saw when I came back to Zhukovsky street was an AK-47(!) in the shielded pro-Russian crowd and this gun was firing in series of shots in our direction. Also, there were a lot of injured victims. Some friends and I grabbed one of them and carried to safety. His flak jacket was pierced. We brought him to the volunteer medical point. Ambulances were overfilled and leaving.

At that moment, looking at the power ratio, I understood that there were a lot more of our Patriots than pro-Russians. Yet, they were well armed and organized. I thought that if they had enough guns, they will either murder us all or drive us away.  Yet, this is where the strength of the Ukrainian nation lies.

Despite the pro-Russian shooting, more and more of our activists approached them. People with stones ran against assault rifles, while covering behind trash bins and cafe tables. In the following hours, we have blocked the whole perimeter and pressed them up in the Greek street, in an unfinished parking lot of ‘Athena’. We mostly used barricades, constructed from everything that was at hand. At that time, police was either doing nothing or did something incomprehensible. Yet, they surely did nothing to end the conflict.

A few hours later, our side started throwing Molotov cocktails. The only firetruck came closer and began extinguishing the fire on the burning facades of buildings. I don’t know why, but at some point the firefighters abandoned their truck with a broken windshield. Euromaidanians got into the vehicle and simply drove through the barricades towards the pro-Russian crowd. However, at some point the truck stopped and the maneuver wasn’t successful.

During that time I carried away yet another unconscious victim with injured head. Euromaidanians were entirely unprepared for a fight. Except for some twenty members of self-defense unit, we didn’t even have helmets, not to mention the flak jackets. As time passed, shots became rarer and finally stopped. It was clear the the pro-Russian gang is running out of ammo. Then the Ukrainian patriots stood up for attack – beginning from the Greek square, they pushed away pro-russian activists from the Greek street towards the Sobor square. At that time, militia gathered a cordon around us, which gave a chance for some pro-russian activists to break through. However, the crowd quickly defeated that cordon and started to chase the pro-russian crowd through the whole square.

Then, I started running towards the pro-russian activists and literally covered them with my own body because the people were beating them up with clubs and it was impossible to stop them. It was the only choice. That way I saved 3 people. More or less alive, they were dragged to the medical points and almost not beaten up anymore. One pro-russian, who managed to recover after beating, pulled out a huge knife and almost stabbed me. I managed to avoid him, and then he got stunned with a club. From that moment on, I stopped protecting him.

After the pro-russian gang got dispersed, I saw that the streets and the square were full of blood. Patriots regrouped and started moving towards the Kulikovo field in columns, where the tents of separatists were located. When we arrived there, the tents were already on fire and the activists had already locked themselves in the Trade Union House. From there, they started firing through the windows at the area we occupied outside. However, in the Kulikovo field, I saw pistols in our crowd as well. The Trade Union House was quickly set on fire with Molotov cocktails. The house started burning and the pro-russian activists moved to the 4th floor. It quickly became apparent that if we did nothing, the activists would simply die there. There was absolutely no police. Before that they just stood and did nothing and then they didn’t even bother going to Kulikovo.

Everyone quickly realised that the people inside the Trade Union House had to be saved. And after an hour since the fire started, not a single fire truck had arrived to the scene. The patriots broke down the scene and two wooden columns near the windows, so that the pro-russians could get out. A lot of people started climbing up in order to save them. Some of the people, who couldn’t suffer anymore, simply jumped out to the ground from the 4th floor. It was horrible – after reaching the ground, none of them could stand up. These pro-russians, who we saved, acted aggressively (!). Some of them, right after going down the columns, began fighting with the crowd. For that they got beaten up until they lost consciousness.

My sister Danochka and my mother were giving first aid to the wounded throughout the events. One man was thought to be dead, covered with the Ukrainian flag and was left lying alone. Danochka ran to him, checked his pulse and it turned out that he was still alive. Thanks to her, the man was taken to medics and received help.

Finally, the firetrucks and police started to gather. The firemen acted disgustingly. They weren’t rushing at all, dragged everything and simply took the safest positions. People simply took away rescue ladders from them and went rescuing the separatists themselves.The rescuing of the pro-russians became quicker and, actually, the people that the separatists were firing at an hour ago, turned out to be their rescuers. Basically, that was the end of the confrontation.

According to the police summary, more than 50 people died, but I think that the real situation will appear after a couple of days. Right now it seems that there are more than a thousand injured.

Despite this nightmare Odessa showed that it has ten times as many patriots as pro-russians. Just like in Maidan, the number of people and their unbelievable courage simply overwhelmed the enemy. I really hope that we have solved the question of pro-russian separatism for a foreseeable future.