Dmitry Tymchuk Military blog: summary for May 16

By Dmitry Tymchuk, Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

The bad news:

1. Today, we recorded a gathering of Russian troops previously located in the 100 km [62 mile] zone from the border between the Russian Federation and Ukraine, closer to the Ukrainian border. At the same time, they did not approach the direct line-of-sight zone immediately next to the border.

Russian commanders were instructed to prepare for a “peacekeeping operation.” Our border patrol servicemen note that the provocations at the border have died down.

It’s like the calm before the storm.

Although, if Vladimir Putin really wanted to move his troops into Ukraine–Moscow would have recognized the results of the May 11 “pseudoreferendums” in Donbass and would have done so.

It seems that this is just the continuation of long-standing pressure. Let’s see what happens close to the Presidential elections in Ukraine (scheduled for May 25). But we must be ready or anything–however, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense reported that the army is ready for the invasion scenario.

2. The anti-terrorist operation (ATO) once again resumed its crazy jolts. After yesterday’s pro-active phase, the special forces calmed down too quickly–and instantly received a reply.

In Donetsk and Slavyansk, terrorists keep building impressive checkpoints in broad daylight. They bring in the construction cranes, and install the concrete blocks. Military bases and even staff headquarters are being attacked–as happened with the HQ of the Eastern Operative Association of the National Guard in Donetsk.

To be honest with you, it’s already getting tired. Personally, I have no words for it. It’s already not a betrayal or “leaks” of the ATO–it’s some bloody surrealistic art house. And endless at that.

3. The Crimean Tatars. The day after tomorrow is the anniversary of their deportation (from Crimea to primarily Uzbek USSR). This year, they will celebrate this tragic date in a big prison camp once again–no longer called the “USSR” but the “Russian Federation.”

Crimean Tatars have been prohibited from holding any public events. Their homes are being searched throughout. Crimea is stuffed to its eyeballs with OMON police. In a word: Putin-style democracy.

We shouldn’t forget about our Crimean brothers–neither Crimean Tatars nor Ukrainians. Currently Kiev seems to have stopped paying attention to their problems. We don’t hear their confident and harsh statements addressed to Moscow regarding gross human rights violations in Crimea. We consider this a betrayal.

We, the Information Resistance group, are restoring our (information) network and resuming our work in Crimea. It’s our duty. Forgive us for temporarily being distracted from fulfilling our duty.

The good news:

1. The Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine has finally officially recognized the “People’s Republic of Luhansk” (LPR) and “People’s Republic of Donetsk” (DPR) the terrorist organizations. This was the First Deputy to the Prosecutor General, Nikolay Golomsha.

The fact that these gentlemen who kidnap people and kill-rob-and-rape them, can never be called members of the Macrame Lovers Club, is obvious to everyone. But we now have their official definition. Everyone in the world knows what a terrorist is.

Today, I also resorted to polemics with a representative from Akhmetov’s company on this. She tried to prove to the whole wide world that cooperation with terrorists, as Rinat Akhmetov’s “Metinvest” engages in (accompanied by demands requiring Ukrainian security forces get out of Donbass), is a pledge of peace and prosperity. And since I criticize this tender friendship between Akhmetov’s structures and terrorists, I must be a very bad man. Like, the bandits in Donbass are not terrorists at all, but almost cute and pleasant people.

From now on, these guys can no longer justify their actions. Anyone who recognizes the “DPR” and “LPR” and enters into cooperation with them–are officially the accomplices of terrorists. In addition to our local “princelings” represented by oligarchs in the East, it also applies to the main sponsor of terrorism in Ukraine–Russia.

2. The UN report on Ukraine dotted it’s “i’s”.

The United Nations stated who the pro-Russian “people’s militia” (as Russia calls them) truly are. And this image completely coincides with that seen by simple Ukrainian citizens, patriots of their country. And thugs and criminals is what we see.

What’s even funnier is that Russia got immediately outraged by this. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in its deceitful terminology of propaganda, criticized the UN. According to Russian authorities, their own lying propagandists who get rewarded with prizes and awards by Vladimir Putin for dragging Ukraine into the mud, are the truth of last resort. And the rest of the world lies.

Really, the Kremlin inhabitants have the same rotten barley cereals instead of brains that little Russian soldiers devour in Rostov Region at the border with Ukraine.

3. In Luhansk, the terrorist Alexei Rilke, the man dubbed as the “commander” of the so-called “South-East army” was detained.

One would think–nothing out of the ordinary, another bandit has been captured. Slap him on the ears–and lock him up.

But in reality, there aren’t too many freaks stirring the pot in Donbass. If a dozen or two pro-Russian “figures” (which have now declared themselves “Ministers,” “Speakers,” and “Commanders-in-Chief”) get locked up–half the work is done. That’s why we should have more news like this.

4. The Ukrainian Defense Minister announced today: servicemen participating in the ATO will receive increased monetary compensation, an expanded range of social guarantees, and number of benefits.

This is a very rare occurrence in Ukraine, where the emergence of new beneficiaries can and should be welcomed.

At the same time, Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk gave instructions to provide housing for the families of servicemen who died during the ATO. And this also is very important.

Guys who shed their blood today for the unity and sovereignty of our state are our Heroes. And the state should do everything it can so that they feel the state’s attention and care. This is the correct thing to do.

In Donetsk region, terrorists began hunting civil activists, 2014.05.11 23:04: luhansko_buduliai

Inner sources of informed that in Donetsk and Luhansk regions, lists of politically active people have been made. The purpose is to allow spying their activities and their contacts, and to make their physical destruction possible.

The informant claims that orders to make the lists were received from Russia. The goal is to localize the community leaders with pro-European and pro-Ukrainian opinions. In particular, of great interest are human rights activists, participants of Kyiv’s Euromaidan from Donetsk and Luhansk regions, activists and participants of protests “For United Ukraine” and Eurointegration.

Saboteur groups were given the following targets:

  • participants of Kyiv’s Euromaidan,
  • organizers of pro-Ukrainian protests,
  • mayors, deputies, heads of regional administration, who do not support the Donetsk People’s Republic,
  • leaders of pro-European political parties and organizations, human rights activists.

The only way to stay safe is by changing residence and job, cancelling social network activities.

It is also forbidden to communicate by phone. Instead, do it over Viber or Skype, because according to checked information, some of the mobile operators provide information to Russian special services.

Sadly, this information is supported by facts. Dozens of activists were kidnapped, tortured or killed.


The appeal of the National Guard of Ukraine

Appeal of the National Guard of Ukraine

Authorities of Ukrainian National Guard categorically deny slander about “soldiers participation in shootings at peaceful civilians on 9th of May” being spread via media. The goal of such cynical and faulty information is to discredit our troops, to diminish their role in the process of stabilization of criminogenic situation in Mariupol as well as to intentionally raise tensions among the city residents. We want to remind that soldiers of the National Guard risk their lives doing everything they can in order to stop the violence and to ensure peace in the streets of the city during the anti-terrorist operation. Once again we ask the people to assess actions of the soldiers reasonably and only spread the information coming from official sources, in order not to misjudge the events.



This is the evidence, showing that the “peaceful residents” used guns and had Molotov cocktails.


Dmitry Rogozin threatens EU with strategic bombers

dmitrijus_rogozinasRussia threatens EU with bomber aircrafts: we’ll teach you a lesson soon. 10.05.2014 19:55

A brawler Russian vice-premier Dmitry Rogozin has threatened Romania with strategic bomber aircraft.

Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs demanded Russia’s explanation for statements about Bukarest made by Russian vice-premier Dmitry Rogozin. This is noted in an official press release by Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed concerns about the Twitter message posted by Rogozin on May 10th. It states: “Following the demand by the USA, Romania refused to allow my plane to use its airspace. Ukraine also refuses. Next time I will fly with a Tu-160 (a strategic bomber aircraft, suitable for nuclear war – editor’s note)”.

After Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs published its press release, Rogozin stated in his Twitter: “Yes, dear Romanians, soon we will explain you, who you are and what we think about you.

We remind you that earlier it was announced that Romania and Ukraine did not allow Rogozin’s plane to leave Moldova (Rogozin was in Transnistria). Later Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs denied Rogozin’s claim that Ukraine closed its airspace for him. “The story with Rogozin is like a joke about the “uncatchable Joe”. Why “uncatchable”? Because nobody needs him. Thus, he can only brag and boast”,- notes Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Referendum for Donetsk and Luhansk republics will be held in Moscow

donbaso_respublikaAs announced by the Moscow-based “Fund of Slavic Literature and Culture” and some other outlets in Russian media, Moscow residents will be able to vote for the secession of the so called republics of Donetsk and Luhansk.

There is no information regarding, whether it is only the citizens of Ukraine will be allowed to vote. There is no information either regarding the observers, nor regarding the political and judicial status of such referendum. It is said that “residents of Donbas”, who are in Russia, will have the right to vote.

The announcement stresses that during voting, which begins at noon, a conference of representatives of republics of Luhansk and Donetsk, will be held at the voting point.

The announcement:

Group of terrorists captured, 100 thousand “voted” ballot papers found

A group of terrorists with over 100 thousand pre-filled referendum ballot papers near Slavyansk, Donetsk region.


A group of terrorists, who carried over 100 thousand fixed referendum ballot papers, has been arrested in Donetsk area.

During the anti-terrorist operation on May the 10th in Donetsk area, a group of armed terrorists was arrested.

“InfoResist”, quoting “Obrozrevatel” report, states that while carrying out the anti-terrorist operation near Slavyansk on 10th of May, a group of terrorists was arrested.

Boxes with “Donetsk Republic” referendum ballot papers were found during the inspection of a “Daewoo Lanos” car. Over 100 thousand ballot papers were found in total. All of them had the option of “Donetsk Republic independence” ticked (indicating a preference for independence).

Additionally, an AK-47 automatic weapon, two Makarov pistols and two other weapons, used for shooting with pneumatic and rubber bullets were found in the car, as well as 60 AK-47 and 24 Makarov pistol bullets.


Concerning the situation in East Ukraine on May 10th

dmitry_tymchukA report by “Info Resistance” group, concerning the situation in East Ukraine on May 10th.

Concerning the progress of ATO

Yesterday events in Mariupol revealed that actions of structure forces finally became adequate.
The heads of divisions of force structures participating in ATO demonstrate abilities to quickly react and give orders which correspond to the tactical situation.

Soldiers managed to cross the psychological barrier of using weapons, which used to arise in direct confrontations with the terrorists. (Taking into account the interests of force structures, we did not mention this problem previously, although, during ATO, it was one of the more serious ones.)

The effectiveness of the National Guard and the Internal army (especially its special-tasks squads) must be stressed. Today, it’s the only unit that does not raise any questions about its activities.

The effectiveness of volunteer units is also impressive (we mean the defence battalion “Dniepr” which was formed by volunteers from Dnepropetrovsk region and came to Mariupol on May 8th). High fighting spirit of volunteers was obvious. It also worth noting that the actions of their commanders were very professional, as they managed to quickly orientate and organize a coordination between units.

The weak link in the chain of defence against terorrists is still the law and order structures. There, the scale of sabotage and betrayal is global. This is one of the most pressing problems and for now there are no obvious solutions to it.

The situation on the border between Ukraine and Russia remains very tense. To effectively resist the entry of Russian sabotage groups and weapons to Ukrainian territory, Ukrainian border guard lacks additional human power, means and aid from other force structures. From this perspective, particularly bad situation is in the regions of Lugansk and Donetsk.

Concerning the capacities of terrorists

For at least two weeks, in terrorists units in the East, we observed mass replacement of soldiers from GRU special forces squads with mercenaries from Russia. First of all, its reserve soldiers, most of whom have served in special forces units and have experience of fighting (e.g. in Caucasus).

Recruitment of such quite professional mercenaries is carried out by the government of Russia in the whole country. According to our information, during the last three weeks, even in Khabarovsk, military recruitment centers recalled experienced reserve soldiers (who served in squads of special forces) and offered them good wages for coming to Ukraine and participating in terrorist activities. This is especially prominent in the Southern federal region of Russian Federation.

At the same time, weapons are conveyed from Russia to terrorist groups in Donbas, in a large scale.
It is also dangerous that in the background of destabilization, enterprises in Donbas are halting and unemployment is on the rise. Many local residents find the wage (100 USD per day) for participation in terrorist actions completely acceptable.

Effective Russian propaganda (exaggeration of the mythical danger of the Right Sector, spreading of stereotypes about Ukraine as a fascist country full of banderovtsy, stories about illegitimacy of the current Ukrainian government, dishonoring of Ukrainian force structures and ATO as if they were “blood-thirsty suppressors of the people’s revolt”, etc.) is also an important factor in the destabilization of situation in the region. The growth of effectivity of false Russian propaganda was observed after the tragic events of May 2nd in Odessa.

As has already been mentioned, the general analysis of the situation (first of all, in Donetsk) has shown that there still remain many questions concerning local police. Sadly, its members are often saboteurs and traitors living on the goods of the nation which they betray.

These “guardians of law and order” are a serious resource for extremist forces. Further service of these traitors in the Ministry of Internal Affairs is a grave danger for the national interests. In the case of their mass dismissal, we predict them joining terrorist groups where they will continue their anti-Ukrainian actions. The only difference being the money from Moscow.

The better song for Eurovision

Several years ago, Georgia was dropped from the Eurovision Song Contest, because of this song. Yes, they were censored because the name of the song “We Don’t Wanna Put In” was understood as “We Don’t Wanna Vladimir Putin. After Russian aggression to Georgia, nobody loves Putin there. We think this song by Stephane & 3G is really good. We don’t wanna Putin neither.

There are so many fake WWII veterans in Russia, Ukraine and other countries today. But many of them can be identified very easily – just analyze their decorations.


Real decorations

A badge of “Veteran of KGB” with the profile of Dzerzhinsky
A badge for “Special department of KGB USSR”

Made-up decorations:

3. Twice the Hero of Soviet Union
27 remaining “double” heroes, of whom 24 astronauts and 3 aviators, no-one from NKVD.

4. Hero of the socialist labour
the only surviving “Hero of Socialist labour” and at the same time once hero of Soviet Union – V.I. Golovchenko, director of “sovkhoz”.

5. Seven Orders of Lenin
Throughout the history that many orders of Lenin were only awarded to marshalls Semyon Budyonny and Ivan Bagramyan, and also the first Minister of the Soviet-era Ministry of General Machine Building Sergey Aleksandrovich Afanasyev.

6. The Order of Alexander Nevsky
None of the staff from NKVD, MGB, KGB were awarded.

7. Three “Orders of the October Revolution”
triple award of this order does not exist.

How to spot fake veteran of the WWII